With a feeling like loving small flowers

Small flowers waiting for spring in the mountains
during the long winter in San-in region.
Shortly after the snow melts, the lovely wild grasses and flowers
can be seen also in the surroundings of the Mitakien.

We are likely to miss if we are in a hurry, but if we stop to look down,
all the flowers are cute and have the strength of life even if they are small.
The flowers have been continuously planted in the park are
also the blessing from the mountains.

We'd like to welcome you to a place like hometown in your heart.
For that reason, we will move for cleaning,
preparing for cooking and arranging food
“with a feeling like loving small flowers”.

About Mitakien



Green mountains, Sound of river flow, Earthy smell ... Appearance of half-forgotten, old-fashioned Japanese countryside. We live in the blessings of nature which the handmade warmth remains, while we are being healed. Please come out into the green forest. It will be our pleasure to welcome you here.

Owner of the Mitakien

Mitakien map Mitakien map

In Mitakien, we have a restaurant housed in six different buildings each with unique characteristics including “Kusaya”, the main house, and "Kazura" which has a table and chairs. We have seats at the riverbed called “Kawadoko” and red rugged "Mousen". We also have a cafe, “Quince”. The entire premise is ideal for about 15 minutes' stroll with the sounds of stream in the background.


*“Hinoki (Cypress)” course

We offer three kinds of course meals. Please enjoy the blessings from Yamazato (mountain village) of Ashizu,
local district Chizu-cho while enjoying a sense of the season.
Please also visit cafe Quince that will serve delicious coffee, after dinner or tea time.
You can enjoy the gentle flow of time with atmosphere that is different from the restaurants.

  • “Hinoki (Cypress)course
    J.P.Y 6,600
    (tax excluded)

    It is a course with feeling of delicious food enjoying a sense of the whole season in the Mitakien. Please enjoy the colors of Yamazato with your eyes, including gibier, primeur wild-crafting pan in spring, Frozen Tofu in summer, Kinoko Mushroom Yukinabe (Hot pot with grated daikon radish) in autumn.

  • “Sugi (Cedar)course
    J.P.Y 4,840
    (tax excluded)

    It is a course which you can enjoy the blessings from Yamazato. The dishes of Yamazato full of flavorful taste are lined, such as freshly grilled fish with special Sanshomiso of Mitakien, rainbow trout washed in the cold water, and konnyaku dengaku made every morning.

  • “Take (Bamboo)course
    J.P.Y 3,300
    (tax excluded)

    It is a basic course using mountain vegetables as a main. You can enjoy the basic dishes with simple taste, such as a plate with three kinds of wild vegetable, hand-made Tofu, and hand-squeezed Okara.

All the course meal is available only by advance reservation. The reservation is available on here. We have some of single item menu.

  • Yamame that was swimming in the clear water. Grill it until golden.
  • Special tofu made by mixing minced bracken is always ready.
  • Dried radish. Put the dried radish in a large iron pot, boil it until browned, then dry it in the sun further.
  • “collected ingredients” picked from nearby mountains. It is better to take it before morning dew is dry.
  • We salt bracken picked in the mountain and eat them with care all year round.
  • Traditional regional food “Potsuni” that eats small potatoes without waste.
  • Konnyaku made daily can be purchased at the souvenir shop.
  • Cold brew coffee with smooth and deep taste are served at café Quince
  • Please enjoy coffee time with a fresh egg pudding at café Quince.

About Opening Hours

Open from April 1st until the 1st Sunday of December (closed for winter)

Opening Hours: 10:00 - 16:00 (meals are available between 11:30 and 14:00)
Café Quince: last order 16:00, closing time 16:30
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays * Please confirm at the following calendar.
Reservation for meals during business hours in summer, orders for Furusato-bin are available throughout the year.

Reservation / Inquiry

The reservation is available on here.

Access Information

By car
It is less than an hour from Tottori Airport and Tottori Station. From Himeji, Kobe, Osaka direction, please get off at Chizu-minami I.C. on the Himeji-Tottori Expressway (free section) via Sayo I.C. on the Chugoku Expressway. After driving Route 373, please turn right at the lights of Gohara to the Ashizu valley. Since it can't be gotten off from the direction of Tottori at “Chizu-minami I.C.”, please get off at Chizu I.C.

By train
When using the Shinkansen from Tokyo and Osaka direction to Chizu Station, it is convenient to transfer to “Super Hakuto” at Himeji (65 minutes from Himeji). It is also available from Tottori Station to Chizu Station by the Inbi Line (50 minutes from Tottori). From Chizu Station, it takes about 20 minutes by taxi (Reservation is required: Nikko Taxi Chizu Office, telephone 0858-75-0077). When taking Sugikko Bus, it takes about 25 minutes by the Ashizu Line from Chizu Station. Please tell the driver the destination as "Mitakien" (Timetable is available on here ).

写真 Turn right in front of the Post Office.
Go straight ahead on this street.
写真 You will arrive soon if you get to the Tofu Shop.
写真 This is the entrance of the Mitakien